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“The workshops provided the theory behind many of the good practices I’ve seen and heard in SMP Alliance and in previous project delivery roles. The facilitators articulated the theory and demonstrated its application in a way that will help me to systematically improve project delivery so that it is rewarding for all.”

Joanne Cowell, Digital Implementation Lead

“I always wondered (and doubted…) how lean manufacturing and production theory applied to design and construction. However, the 18404 workshops provided my A-ha moments. Curious to learn even more now and help apply the learning within SMP Alliance.”

Neil Garton Jones, NEAR** Programme Development Lead

“The balance of theory with practical exercises and examples was perfect. I can now see waste everywhere…”

Adam McKenzie, NEAR Programme Design Lead

“The workshops were fascinating and the best I have ever been in. It has really helped me identify lots more opportunities to improve our commercial processes but also in the bigger systems thinking context how QS skills can be used differently to current practices to dramatically improve the flow of work on our projects”

Laura Lench, Commercial Lead