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Business Improvement Techniques

Delivering continuous improvement, training and development.

C&G Approved Centre

Lean Construct Ltd , operates its own centre, approved by City and Guilds to deliver the training and certification of NVQ (Diploma) at levels 2,3,and 4 in Business Improvement Techniques.

The NVQ Diploma is nationally accredited and provides a robust and recognised framework for lean and continuous improvement training and development.

Note – Courses are typically delivered on the client’s site to cohorts of between 8 and 12 candidates at Level 2 and 3 although individual and smaller groups are more usual for Level 4.

For an overview of the content and structure of these programmes, please contact us at info@leanconstruct.co.uk

NVQ Diploma in B.I.T.

The NVQ (Diploma) in Business Improvement Techniques qualification is offered to those at different stages of their lean journey.

Level 2 – Those requiring an introduction to continuous improvement and associated tools and techniques.

Level 3 – Those who are managing lean and continuous improvement projects or teams.

Level 4 – Those responsible for the strategic rollout and management of lean and continuous improvement programmes.

The qualification adopts a dual training and implementation approach targeting improvements within the lifetime of the training to achieve a financial return on investment of 10:1.

Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) Certificates in Service Improvement

Lean Construct Ltd are fully accredited as a delivery partner with the Institute of Leadership and Management. As part of our Business Improvement Techniques qualifications we offer the ILM Certificate in Service Improvement.

This qualification is available at two levels – Level 3 and Level 5.

Level 3 Service Improvement

On this course learn lean techniques for the implementation of small-scale service improvements.

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is aimed at those seeking to increase efficiency and improve performance in their area of operations.

Results for you

  • Learn about lean methods
  • Use these new techniques to identify and analyse a problem within a service that you manage
  • Plan and implement a project to improve this service

Impact for your employer

  • Measurable ROI and impact from a workplace-based project
  • Introduction of a solid grounding in lean methods
  • Grows a culture of continuous improvement in your organisation
  • Focuses on the skills you need to bring to the business

This qualification is made up of one comprehensive unit. The unit introduces you to the theory of lean methods and techniques. It then helps you put the theory into practice, by taking you step-by-step through the process of planning, carrying out and reviewing an improvement project in your organisation.

Download the ILM Level 3 Award Q-card (pdf)

Level 5 Service Improvement

Lead significant service improvements using lean methods

Who is this qualification for?

Experienced or new department heads, project leads or other middle managers, in organisations adopting lean methodologies or looking for ways to improve performance and efficiency.

Results for you

  • Be able to analyse and evaluate lean and improvement methods
  • Create a project proposal using lean methods to improve a service in your organisation
  • Implement the service improvement project, with appropriate controls
  • Evaluate and report on the success of the project

Impact for your employer

  • Managers will have an advanced understanding of lean methods and how to maximise value to customers and minimise waste
  • Support a culture of continuous improvement in your organisation
  • Measurable impact and ROI from supervised service improvement project carried out as part of this qualification

Focus on the skills you need

This qualification is made up of two units. The first unit develops your understanding of lean production methods and techniques, and takes you through the process of identifying a potential service improvement and planning an improvement project based on lean methods. The second unit helps you implement the project plan, establish controls, and monitor and review the service improvement.

Download the ILM Level 5 Certificate Q-card (pdf)